My own personal pathway to healing has led to my heartfelt vision to support and help others on their true journey to wellness. Over time I have realized that we must be healed on a spiritual level first in order for the rest of our healing to follow. We must also acknowledge how the physical body “listens” and is influenced by our thoughts and beliefs; how our mind, body and soul have a direct connection to Spirit. Once we acknowledge that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, our sacred pathway to healing becomes quite clear.

To best understand who I am, let me briefly tell my story….

My Illness

My life was a whirlwind and I thought that I was superwoman. I worked incredibly long hours at a corporate job, rushed home to chauffeur the kids off to their activities and even found time to volunteer at two organizations. I often found myself at night working alone at my desk to well after midnight, only to repeat it at 5:3o the next morning. Add in trying to caregive for elderly and ill parents who lived 4 hours out of town and I had cooked up a successful recipe for a stressed out and joyless life. It never occurred to me that being extremely tired all the time and not taking time to enjoy life with my loved ones was not the only option. Isn’t this the way its supposed to be?Finally my body said enough to the tremendous toll I had put on it, and I became increasing ill until I could not longer function in any of the roles that had become part of my life.

As I embarked on my healing journey after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, I first followed the route of conventional medicine with its many prescriptions and endless appointments, but was not really feeling any better. Actually I was feeling worse and was terrified about what the future held for me. It was when I chose to seek out alternative healers that I really embarked on my pathway to healing.

My Recovery

As I experienced one by one: homeopathy, shamanic healing, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, reflexology, biofeedback, energy healing, holistic nutrition, reiki, naturopathy, and essential oils, my body gradually came into balance once more and my symptoms abated. The compassionate healers that I encountered were not only my practitioners but also in a sense my teachers. I owe them not only gratitude for the recovery of my health, but also for instilling in me an understanding and awe that our bodies truly can heal when brought into balance on a mind, body and soul level. But there was also something else to be gained, an incredible discovery….

Shamanic Healing Awakening

Although I was not familiar with Shamanic Healing, this type of Spiritual Healing resonated quickly throughout my soul. Not only did I quickly see a difference in my physical symptoms but I began to deal with buried past emotional wounding. I began to AWAKEN to WHO I really was, an energetic spiritual light being having a human experience. I shed the emotional scars and layers that resulted in my illness. Energy and vitality and joy found its way back into my life. I rediscovered my true soul’s purpose – to help others realize that they can live a miraculous life when they remember WHO they are. That once we shift situations energetically in our lives and shift energies that block our path, we can manifest the life of our dreams.

My Training

In order to educate myself and to satisfy my own curiosity about the mind-body-soul wellness connection, I became a Certified Reflexologist and, a Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist, and also completed studies in Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Essential Oils and Body Regeneration. As I became attuned to working with our spiritual connection, I was guided to become a Licensed Spiritual Healer. I am very grateful for the spiritual support and guidance that I receive daily.

My Wish for You

If you have found this web site, it is my sincere wish that it empowers you to become informed and seek answers on your own journey to an extraordinary life; not only from the information posted but from other sources as well. Never give up. The answer is out there. There are many, many pathways to healing on any level; you just have to decide which one resonates with you.

It is my honour to share my work through Spirit and I sincerely hope that you invest the time to explore WHO you truly are, to fully understand the path that your life up to now has taken. Where you continue on the path is up to you. If you feel compelled to investigate further, I sincerely welcome you to contact me. Many blessings.