Well wDiseasehat in the world is going on with the FDA and its censoring of natural remedy companies? This is nothing new but you may have heard that the FDA sent warning letters to Young Living Essential Oils and some of its distributors recently after some of their websites mentioned  particular essential oils that could potentially help when afflicted with a virus (which I can’t name), that is putting the world on pandemic alert as it has afflicted and killed thousands in West Africa.  Another essential oil company as well as some another natural remedy company were targeted as well.


Now I am all for being responsible and protecting people against fraudulent claims but censoring anything that can be said such as people telling their personal stories of how essential oils benefited them when dealing with a chronic disease just seems unfair. Or disallowing “connecting the dots” from the findings of peer reviewed studies found on the US government website, PubMed can be quite frustrating to those of us who know how incredibly effective these oils can be.

I believe that an article published on the website Health Impact News explains quite well in full detail what is going on and the reasons behind it. It explains in the news editor’s belief why the FDA is targeting Essential Oil companies now. And also why “essential oils are not a public health hazard, especially when compared to the much more toxic pharmaceutical drugs which are approved by the FDA.”


This article goes on to say “Using statistics directly from the medical industry, we know that at least 106,000 deaths a year are attributed to FDA-approved prescription drugs, and this does not even include deaths due to over-the-counter drugs which can be purchased without a prescription. There are over 450 deaths a year just from acetaminophen (Tylenol), based on reports from poison control centers. But according to annual reports from the American Association of Poison Control Centers Annual Reports of National Poison Data Systems (NPDS), deaths due to overdose of essential oils are very rare. There were none in their last report issued in 2012, and you have to go back to 2010 to find that there was one death in total, from ingesting too much eucalyptus oil.”

Read this article and make up your own mind about what the article is saying. As long as we are presented with sustainable facts, we are free to make an informed decision. Take things a bit further on your own and dig deeper. Go to Pubmed yourself and read the hundreds of studies on essential oils. Just be aware in general whenever doing research of the source when we search around on the internet and determine how reliable and forthright that you believe it to be.

What I can tell you is that these essential oils have made a real difference in my life and those of my family. I have met people that were advised by western medical doctors that there were no options left (or the options available were pretty scary), who found their answer with pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Or with another natural remedy. Or by changing their diets to consume only healthy organic foods and by also eliminating the toxins in their environment. We owe it to ourselves to investigate every avenue available to us to maintain our health. If we don’t, we have given our power away and the future choices available for our children.


It is a sad day for consumers when the information accessible on natural non-toxic non-pharmaceutical remedies seems to be shrinking more and more as time moves on. If you find a useful article on the internet, print it as soon as possible as the link may not be there the next time that you need it.