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Does Distance Healing Work?

Last week while dealing with a cold, I traveled back and forth to another country in order to take a course, and also worked with clients as well. It’s no understatement that I was feeling wiped by the end of the week and needed…


Will You Take This Message to Heart?

I have really given some deep thought as to whether I should write this post. My guide is urging me to pass this message on; however I’m concerned that not everyone will understand the context in which it is meant. It is to be uplifting!…


Are Your Friendships Serving You?

Have you recently been wondering about different relationships in your life? Specifically whether to keep certain people in your life when the friendship doesn’t seem to be working. What really constitutes a friendship? What is a friend? According to, one of the definitions is “a person…


How To Make a Prayer Stick


Prayer sticks are an extension of our heartfelt desire and prayers for change in our lives. If you have been praying and wish to magnify your intention to see your hopes, wishes and dreams fulfilled, then you may be interested in creating a…


Do Positive Affirmations Heal?

do positive affirmations heal

There is a huge belief in the spiritual community and becoming more mainstream now that we can change our lives, our circumstances and our health by just changing our thought patterns. I do believe that the more positive outlook that we have, the…