Exposure to Petrochemicals is Overwhelming

As humans, our bodies were not designed to breath, absorb, ingest oil and petrochemicals but unfortunately that is what we are doing on a daily basis. Petrochemicals and their byproducts such as dioxin, have been proven to cause a laundry list of severe health issues, including cancers and endocrine disruption.

And where can we find petrochemicals? The obvious things like pesticides, trash bags, tires, paints and adhesives. But how about mouthwash, lipstick, baby soothers, contact lens, shampoo, bubble bath, sun screen, perfume and diapers to name a few. Feeling yucky yet? Be aware that when you reach for  your vitamins, Pepto-Bismol, cough syrup, first aid cream and allergy medication they most likely contain petrochemical products. If you’d like to a more comprehensive list of products containing petrochemicals, check out this online list sourced from the Illinois Oil and Gas Association.

What Can We Do?

How can we unburden our bodies? First we need to detoxify our bodies to eliminate poisonous substances from the body, and at the same time decrease the amount of toxins that you are exposed to.  Then next by increasing your nutritional intake you will be fortifying your immune system to bring your body back to a balanced state where it can better fight dis-ease.

The best ongoing way to safeguard your health is to make a commitment to eat organic products as much as possible and use all natural soaps, shampoos, household cleaners and so forth. This lifestyle of eliminating toxins from your everyday life and making the local health food store and organic farmer your weekly shopping destinations should not be viewed as a luxury but a top priority. Some of the major grocery retailers are now starting to offer organic sections in the produce and health and beauty aisles as well.

Nature’s Great Detoxifier

Lemon Essential Oil is one of nature’s great detoxifiers. A few drops added to a glass of water every day can aid in flushing out toxins that are harmful and can compromise our health. It has been given the GRAS designation by the FDA meaning it is Generally Regarded as Safe when used as a dietary supplement.  And its highly concentrated as one drop of therapeutic grade essential oil is equivalent to at least 25 glasses of lemon water. Now that is a lot of detoxifying and very easy to do.

After awhile, don’t be surprised if you start to lose weight if you make this your daily practice. Try adding a drop of Peppermint oil to your lemon drink to help soothe digestion and to ease any symptoms of gas, bloating, nausea or other digestive discomforts.

Notice that I mentioned therapeutic grade. If you are not using therapeutic grade essential oils or aren’t sure about what you have bought, then never ingest.

Other Lemon Essential Oil Benefits

Not only is lemon essential oil a superb detoxifier and a cleanser, it supports healthy skin and the circulatory system, elevates our mood and boosts our level of concentration. Some people rub diluted lemon oil on cellulite to draw out toxins and increase circulation. Just be cognisant that exposure to direct sun after applying any citrus oil should be avoided for 72 hours in order to avoid the risk of burning.

In a study in Japan, test scores of university students increased by over 50% after being exposed to the diffusion of lemon essential oil while writing exams. The finding of the study was that aromatic exposure to lemon essential oil substantially increases memory recall and cognitive function.

See for Yourself

In order to see for yourself firsthand how quickly therapeutic grade lemon essential oil dissolves petrochemicals, try this fun experiment. Blow up a balloon, and while holding in your outstretched hand, pour a drop of lemon oil from your other hand onto the balloon. It should pop literally within seconds! Which reminds me to advise you to never to add lemon essential oil to water in any oil based container such as a styrofoam cup or plastic water bottle. Always use a stainless steel, ceramic or glass container.