White Light Healer Meditation and Drum Healing
Free Online, Every Thursday at 7 pm on FB Live

Connect online with Denise to receive a free channeled meditation involving energy transmissions and releases, light language and shamanic drum healing. Join us in FaceBook Live in the White Light Healer Group every Thursday night at 7 pm EST. These meditations are designed to help you remember WHO YOU ARE. They will enable you to navigate today’s challenges by clearing your energy field, activating your light body and connecting you with your spirit helpers. We will also merge as a group to help shift the mass consciousness of the planet; working on a beautiful future vision of a world filled with love, peace and compassion as we move toward Ascension.

Let’s connect with our Spirit Helpers to help lift away the remnants of negative energies from ourselves, community and Mother Earth. We are in exciting times of change, the Great Awakening, and are ushering in the beautiful positive energies to live the lives of our dreams. This is a time to be engaged, not frozen; excited, not fearful; and full of love and compassion, moving out of survivor mode.

In order to participate, please go to White Light Healer on FaceBook, https://www.facebook.com/groups/561351571122347/ and request to join. Please do this well ahead of the meditation as you may not be accepted a few minutes before. You are welcome to replay the previous meditations as well.