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Online Meditation and Drum Healing

Hello Beautiful Souls! I’m excited to reach you as Spirit has moved me to offer free online meditations and drum healing. The world is experiencing a massive shift on all levels: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. Another words, a Great Awakening is taking…


Does Distance Healing Work?

Last week while dealing with a cold, I traveled back and forth to another country in order to take a course, and also worked with clients as well. It’s no understatement that I was feeling wiped by the end of the week and needed…


Will You Take This Message to Heart?

I have really given some deep thought as to whether I should write this post. My guide is urging me to pass this message on; however I’m concerned that not everyone will understand the context in which it is meant. It is to be uplifting!…


Drumming Heals Body, Mind and Soul


  Anyone who knows me well understands that my drum is an important part of my life. When I drum for myself or others, I can feel pure source light coming through to assist us on whatever level the Divine feels is needed. In short, drumming…


Are Your Friendships Serving You?

Have you recently been wondering about different relationships in your life? Specifically whether to keep certain people in your life when the friendship doesn’t seem to be working. What really constitutes a friendship? What is a friend? According to, one of the definitions is “a person…


How To Make a Prayer Stick


Prayer sticks are an extension of our heartfelt desire and prayers for change in our lives. If you have been praying and wish to magnify your intention to see your hopes, wishes and dreams fulfilled, then you may be interested in creating a…


What is Spirit’s New Year message for you?

It’s that time again, when our thoughts may turn to what has transpired in our lives over the past twelve months. Perhaps we look forward to leaving all the “bad” things behind that have “happened” to us and to others in the past year,…


How are you riding your Spiritual Unicycle?


In meditating this week, I asked my Master Guide what guidance does Spirit offer to us when following our life’s path. I was told to think of oneself as riding a spiritual unicycle when following our sacred journey.  A unicycle? That’s right. It…


Power Animal Meditations at Happehatchee

  If you reside or are planning a trip to Southwest Florida this winter, you may want to check out a meditation series I am offering at the Happehatchee Eco Spiritual Center in Estero. Happehatchee, is a very special place and I am…


An Urgent Plea

Another meditation journey teaching. I experienced this one last Friday and it has changed my morning prayer forever. My native spirit guide and mentor has given me permission to share. We are alone in a park like setting, my guide and I when…