If you reside or are planning a trip to Southwest Florida this winter, you may want to check out a meditation series I am offering at the Happehatchee Eco Spiritual Center in Estero. Happehatchee, is a very special place and I am pleased to offer the donations received in support of the center.

There is a meditation every Thursday from January 12th to February 23rd, 2017. You are welcome to attend a single night or the entire 7 week series. It is not necessary to attend all 7 nights but it may be in your best interest to do so.  Below is a description of what the series is about:

Tired of feeling stuck? Are you not living the life you are meant to? Doing the same old thing without feeling joy, peace or love? Feel the power of spiritual healing work to uplift and clear you of anything that is blocking you from living the life you are meant to. 

At each meetup, a different power animal will come forward with sacred life teachings. This animal will accompany you as you journey to free yourself from the constraints that you find yourself in in today’s world and to move ahead in life. To “journey” is to meditate to a gently beating drum; experiencing a loving spiritual world. Step in and connect to who you are and why you came into this world. Rediscover your true eternal self and step back into your power. 

In circle, we will be working with essential oils, crystals and drum healing to facilitate our journeying to meet with our celestial support team such as our spirit guides, angels, and ancestors. Every week is different and we leave it to the universe to usher in those who are considered best at this time to help us. 
This work is best suited for those who are comfortable with guided meditation. All that is needed is an open mind and a desire to reach out to Spirit in order to welcome change into your life.

Located at 8791 Corkscrew Road, Happehatchee Center is a sanctuary for peace and healing. The mission of its directors is to sustain the non-profit Center as it provides environmental and healing arts education. “We preserve and honor Happehatchee’s vibrant land as a way to make sacred connections with our selves, each other, and Nature. Happehatchee Center would greatly appreciate your support in order to continue to provide and offer everything we do as we continue to grow and offer our community even more!”

In 2006, Ellen Peterson created the Happehatchee Center to preserve the five lush “old Florida” acres of riverfront, bamboo, and oaks and to offer to the community the healing powers of being in nature. Sadly, she died in October of 2011 leaving behind thousands of mourners and seven environmentally-oriented non-profit organizations including Happehatchee Center. Ellen will always be remembered as Florida’s top advocate for the environment.

If in the area, please stop by to explore the butterfly gardens, walk through the old growth forest, participate in a class or learn more about Happehatchee as a volunteer. This sacred place is worth a visit.