candledivinemessageIt’s that time again, when our thoughts may turn to what has transpired in our lives over the past twelve months. Perhaps we look forward to leaving all the “bad” things behind that have “happened” to us and to others in the past year, and want to start with a clean slate in this next upcoming year. Although you may have tired of 2016, bear in mind that every experience has something to offer us no matter how traumatic. Try to find the silver lining or the lesson learned from every relationship and every experience. Remember the universal truth, that what we resist persists and perhaps its better to acknowledge what the teaching is for us from every situation, and to then move on in gratitude instead of repeating the same life cycle. Also try to sit in quiet gratitude for all the wonderful blessings that have happened in 2016. This is important as we want to be in a wonderful mindset and vibration to attract all the beautiful blessings that are headed our way.


Hold a New Year Ceremony

What I find extremely helpful when ushering in the new year, is to hold a quiet ceremony in which to welcome Spiritual guidance on how the next year will unfold for us. It could be a message on how to best maneuver ourselves to reap the greatest rewards. How to conduct ourselves to manifest that that we so highly desire. We may receive guidance by way of a phrase, a word, a vision, a colour or a feeling. As long as we come away with an understanding of how to best conduct ourselves or to navigate through the year, that is all that matters. This may not be totally clear right after the ceremony but take a bit of reflection afterwards; sometimes we need to ponder or walk through life’s experience before the message resounds deep within us. For example, if we receive the word “patience” and we think, “What the heck, I am already patient. I’m a wonderfully, patient person!” We may come into a situation with others where we are maybe not so patient with them, or perhaps things are not progressing as quickly as we would like and there is the need to be patient for our emotional well-being and for others around us. Being patient may be a common theme for you until it is something that you learn to master.

So how do we conduct our new year ceremony? It does not need to actually be on New Year’s Eve; whenever is convenient for you within the first few days of January. Find a quiet space where you can be comfortable; invite others if you are assured that they will be respectful to Spirit and have the same desire for results that you do. If others join you, create a circle, sitting comfortable around a candle. Light a candle in a darkened room (this is better for focus) and invite your Spirit Helpers in. Invoke your angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, ancestors, and/or power animals to join you. It is important to insist that only those that come forth, come in for your highest good, from the highest pure source light, and in grace and ease. If you do not feel comfortable or familiar with this, ask God or a higher power that you trust to come through.  You may feel the atmosphere in the room change. A change in temperature in the room, and/or heat or tingling in your body may result.


Let Go of What No Longer Serves

Write down on a piece of paper, those things from 2016 that you wish to let go of, that no longer serve. It could be a limiting belief, unnecessary emotional or physical experiences, or relationship issues. It is very important to release this negative energy. Without ushering it adieu and moving it out, the new blessings and awesome events that you desire cannot take place. There has to be room made for what you want to receive in your life. Once everything that you wish to release is written down, go down the list and thank Creator, God, or Source (your name for Spirit) for each individual item. Yes, that’s right. Give heartfelt thanks, acknowledge the lesson or blessing received from this situation. Then say, now that I’ve learned the lesson, I am ready and willing to let it go, please take it from me. That’s it: give thanks, acknowledge the blessing and say goodbye to each item.

After going down the list, place in a fire proof bowl to be burned now (or to be burned later). Do not use the candle that you initially lit. It is very powerful to watch the list burn right then and there. Afterward your ceremony is over take the ashes to an evergreen tree and ask the tree if it is willing to transmute the negative to positive. If you sense it’s agreement, then scoop out and place the ashes at its base. Leave behind an offering of thanks such as fruit, nuts, tobacco or some strands of your hair. If there is no evergreen tree nearby, ask another outdoor plant to do so. Just listen or feel for the permission to proceed. If fire isn’t possible, there are alternatives. I recently attended a ceremony where we wrote on special spy paper that dissolves in water and then watched the notes disappear in a beautiful water filled vase. Its all about the intention of wanting to release negative energy from our lives and creating ceremony more than how we go about it.


Prepare to Receive Your Divine Message

Now for the message receiving. Take three deep breaths into your belly, hold and slowly release. When you feel in a calmed state, in your mind and body, invite your divine guidance in. Be patient with no expectations. If your mind is wandering and you are alone, you can try having a conversation with the candle. Ask questions in your mind or out loud about what you need guidance on. Then be still. If you need to settle down further, try a grounding meditation or imagine roots growing form the soles of your feet into Mother Earth and anchoring on red rocks at the center of the earth’s core.

The important thing now is to relax and be patient. There is no right or wrong. Whatever sensations or images you experience, take it all in. At best you will feel an incredible calmness or lightness after this is all over. Ask any celestial being that comes forward for you and enters your thoughts for guidance for the upcoming year. You may see, hear or sense for example an angel, a spirit guide, a past loved one or a power animal.   Your message may be a phrase, a sign or a word. Perhaps you will receive a name that will explain what your next year will be like or how you should endeavor to become such as “woman of compassionate light” or “one who seeks the truth”. If you see a power animal, ask it why it is there for you. When you feel that you are done, thank all your spirit helpers that came forward, including those that accepted and carried away that which you released. Then extinguish the candle.


Record Everything that You Received

Write down what you received. Draw any symbols that you were given in the meditation. Look up the meaning of any power animal totems or other beings such as angels or ascended masters that visited. Its as easy as searching the internet if you don’t have any books on hand with the information. You’ll be guided to find the correct information. Be aware in the next few days of signs, colours, songs or messages around you that add to the theme of your message. Most of all, relax and enjoy. There is no pressure to receive the perfect message as it is all perfect for you in the way you receive. Think of meditation as an exercise and that consistency will make us stronger in our practice. It becomes much easier over time and the connection to Spirit incredibly stronger. In December 2017, revisit what you recorded from this ceremony and and reflect on what you experienced throughout the year when you used the message from ceremony for guidance. You will be grateful and amazed.

Happy New Year!!