Xiaomi sells smartphones on credit for 50% of the price. How much do you need to pay attention to pay attention to smartphones?


The "Xiaomi on credit" promotion is a special offer that allows you to place orders for smartphones and other gadgets from a low price. The amount of the discount is 50%, and the purchase is almost made. But there are some conditions that must be met before the order can be completed. You must first complete a set of requirements, which includes meeting the technical characteristics of the device. To do this, the buyer must:install the Xiaomi app on your smartphone(this is a simple matter, the user just needs to select the device)take photos of the Xiaomi smartphone and upload them to your gallery(the user can choose from three modes),it is important to take photos of the Xiaomi smartphone and not just the Xiaomi logo. You may want to explore the possibility of using several Xiaomi smartphones in one bag. at the price of the price of the product.Next, the amount of the discount depends on the model. In the case of the C9 Pro, it is offered for only 21,990$. In the case of the Pro version, for example, you can buy a smartphone for 25,990$. After completing the set of technical characteristics, the user gets an additional discount of 20,999$.The final cost of the Xiaomi smartphone is 33,490$. For comparison, in the case of other smartphones of the same price range, you can find Xiaomi models for 35,990$ and 32,990$, respectively.The official opening date of the Xiaomi on credit promotion is scheduled for February 6. The cost of the Xiaomi smartphone is 33,490$.* Offer is valid as of 02.04.2020.